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What Might Happen if You Delay STD Testing

While regular STD testing is a must for sexually active adults, it’s more often done in theory, but not in practice.
We have written before about reasons individuals might delay STD testing — and why their reasons aren’t valid. Now we’re sharing how avoiding STD testing can negatively impact you.

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid¬†STD Testing

Increased HIV Risk

When you have certain STDs, especially syphilis or herpes, you are more at risk for HIV. This can progress to a life-threatening disease, AIDS, and at the very least will require long-term treatment.

InfertilityStop STDs

Untreated STDs may develop into pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women and infertility for both men and women. STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are among these common infections that can lead to infertility, so regular STD testing for these is recommended.

Spreading STDs

One effect of failing to get adequate STD testing? Spreading the infection to your sexual partner(s). If you have an asymptomatic infection you’re not aware of, you may not be practicing safe sex, which means you will spread your STD to others. This could damage your relationships and other individual’s health.

Pregnancy & Childbirth Risks

Without regular STD testing, women may put themselves at higher risk for health problems during pregnancy or issues in childbirth. Herpes and syphilis can both be deadly to newborns. When a woman gets STD testing during pregnancy, treatment can prevent the risk to the child.

Get STD Testing at Your Nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS

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