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Grading Sexual Health at College: Top Ten Released

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The results are in.

Which U.S. college ranks number one in sexual health?

The 2013 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card revealed the schools that are doing the best with providing sexual health resources — and the schools that have room for improvement.

Princeton University takes the number one spot this year from the University of Illinois, who moved to number 6 this year.

How the Grades Were Calculated

The researchers gathered data from 140 university student health centers and investigated their services. Each school received a rating in 11 categories.

So, if we’re determining the best way for colleges to provide sexual health resources, what should we look at? Here are the 11 categories used in the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card:

  • Hours of operation
  • Allow drop-ins or require appointments for student scheduling
  • Quality of sexual health information and resources on website
  • Contraceptive availability — free or at cost
  • Condom availability — free or at cost
  • HIV testing on-site (On/off campus, cost)
  • STI testing on-site (On/off campus, cost)
  • Lecture/outreach programs and student peer groups for sexual health education
  • Sexual assault programs, resources or services
  • Overall website usability and quality
  • Extra credit

Sexual Health: At the Top and the Bottom

How did the group of national universities do in this slightly unusual competition?

Some colleges that win big on the field are at the top, while others got lower grades. The full sexual health grade report list can be found in the research, but we’ll give you the highlights.

Sexual Health Report Card: Top Five Colleges

1. Princeton University

2. Columbia University

3. University of Arizona

4. University of Iowa

5. Brown University

Sexual Health Report Card: Bottom Five Colleges

136. University of New Orleans

137. Troy State University

138. Providence College

139. Chicago State University

140. Brigham Young University

Why the Sexual Health Report Card Matters

This research is more than simply giving universities another title to boast about along with their national accreditation and honors.

We find this research so important because it points out the importance of sexual health, especially for college-aged adults.

This study looked at three main areas: sexual health education, sexual health testing and prevention education. We agree that those are important focus areas. You can find more resources about specific STDs on our blog, and as always, contact us if you need STD testing.

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  1. Comment by Leslie Courtney on November 18, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    It’s very important to keep these students informed and if you give them the services they need for free they are most likely to use them.

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