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CDC takes to Twitter with #CDCchat on HPV

Twitter isn’t just for reading the latest pop news first or informing all your friends what you ate for lunch. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using the social media platform to address the growing need for HPV vaccination.

twitter chatCDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden hosted the Twitter chat on July 29. His main focus was to discuss how the CDC can work with parents and doctors to protect young adults from cancers caused by HPV and to increase HPV vaccination rates.

Before the live chat, CDC tweeted a Vine video, sharing that the organization had its first video on a new Vine account. Dr. Tom Frieden used his Twitter handle, @DrFriedenCDC, to start the discussion. He welcomed five CDC experts to the chat.

According to CDC, “vaccine-preventable HPV infections in teen girls have decreased by more than half since we started vaccinating against HPV in 2006.” This is great news, but it also reminds us that we have more work to do. Two-thirds of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 have received the full HPV vaccination series.

Dr. Frieden tweeted the following fact at the beginning of the chat:

He addressed the common viruses and cancers often associated with HPV in women.

He then shared that HPV affects men, as well.

CDC then noted that the coverage could be dramatically increased if young teens got the HPV vaccine each time they got any other vaccine.

We love that organizations are talking about the  need for higher HPV vaccination rates. Taking this discussion to Twitter is just one way to increase the public knowledge of the link between HPV and cancer.

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