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Understanding AIDS in 2016 for World AIDS Day

Humankind has made strides toward understanding AIDS and helping people to protect themselves from HIV. Nonetheless, observances like World AIDS Day are critical to prevent more HIV infections and for finding a cure for AIDS. Continue reading “Understanding AIDS in 2016 for World AIDS Day” »

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China Makes Strides To Fight AIDS Stigma

World-Aids-Day-Ribbon-ChinaSince the early 1980s, HIV and AIDS have carried a very strong stigma. Over time, we’ve seen people in the U.S. become more open about the disease and embrace those who do actually have it. We’re encouraged because as of this week, we noticed China’s leaders are are “going public” in their support of HIV/AIDS victims and offering support and encouragement.

Chinese leaders support HIV victims

According to Euronews.com, over 69,000 living in China were diagnosed with HIV this year. Because of that, Xi Jinping, (likely to be the country’s next president) and his second-in-command Li Keqiang, shook hands with AIDS patients this week and promised that they’d take bigger strides in research and education. A lot of those diagnosed won’t get treatment because of the stigma.

So what is this “stigma”?

HIV and AIDS can cause a very negative reaction or discrimination. The disease is closely associated with sexual activity, homosexuality, and promiscuity, and can also be linked to drug use.

It is life-threatening, which causes a very negative reaction in a lot of people. It can be seen as a result of irresponsibility. It is even seen by some people to be a punishment for a crime.

We need to be more like China

Obviously we as a nation are doing better with the Stigma. We’ve embraced celebrities like Magic Johnson, Freddy Mercury, and Greg Louganis. Elton John has even worked with President Bush to fight AIDS. We’re growing as a society in combating this disease.

Now it’s your turn.

Don’t let the stigma ruin how you treat someone with HIV or AIDS. If you know someone with the disease, treat them how you’d like to be treated, with respect. Don’t see them as unclean. See them as people who are afflicted with a disease and move on. And if you know someone who is unsure if they have the disease, help them find answers at a local prevention site. Your respect and helpfulness can go along way to someone with the disease.


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World Aids Day is December 1


Worlds Aids Day is Dec. 1.

This weekend something quite amazing is happening. Countries across the globe are coming together to celebrate World Aids Day. Regardless of current politics and policies, this global health initiative is having countries band together to raise awareness of HIV and Aids. While those of us in the United States plan to recognize this awareness day, what’s awesome is that it’s a movement that’s also happening across the sea, too.

World Aids Day Movements

The first Worlds Aids Day was in 1988 – it was the first global health initiative of its kind. Global leaders recognized the threat, danger and severity of the HIV virus on all continents and came together to start an annual event geared toward raising awareness of HIV, encouraging screening and promoting health. Today, the same mission occurs as many countries are gearing up to promote HIV awareness this weekend.

View the UK’s website for World Aids Day

Read how China celebrated World Aids Day in 2011

View how Ubuntu, Africa is celebrating World Aids Day

Check out the Avert website to learn AIDS statistics from around the world.

Worlds Aids Day in the U.S.

Most of us who grew up in the United States are familiar with the red ribbon campaign. In addition to showing support through the red ribbon, there are many ways to get involved this year. Aids.gov is a great site that offers helpful tools for anyone wanting to get involved in the cause this weekend. Visit the site to see how the White House is getting involved, read the latest policies regarding AIDS, see photo galleries, blog, connect on social media and more. There are even AIDS awareness events taking place on Dec. 1.

Visit AIDS.gov

You and HIV and Aids

We’ve spent the past couple of months highlighting celebs with HIV and Aids. Some of them have unfortunately passed away due to the HIV virus progressing to Aids; others have successfully managed to treat and tame HIV symptoms. The problem with HIV is that many who have it do not realize they are infected. This leads to transmission and even more lives at stake. Those who do have it need immediate treatment, medicine has revolutionized the way the HIV virus is treated.

This weekend, on World Aids Day, make a commitment to get tested for HIV. New rapid HIV tests, like the ones at TEST SMARTLY LABS, can even provide results in 20 minutes. While nobody wants to think about requesting such a test, it could seriously end up saving your life. There’s no better time to make the leap and call. Any of our TEST SMARTLY LABS locations are ready to help you.

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