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Unconventional Methods of STD Prevention

As we’ve shared in the past, there are many methods of STD prevention. Some are more common — condoms, abstinence, regular STD testing — and other, like the ones we’re sharing below, are more…interesting.

Here are a few unconventional methods of STD prevention that have surfaced lately.

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Eyeball Licking: Growing Sexual Trend?

A new sexual trend in Japan has left some people scratching their heads. “Eyeball licking” has made headlines after a teacher reported an incident he saw in the gymnasium of his school. We know it may sound bizarre, but the growing trend has also been leading to some serious consequences.

Eyeball Licking

Reports state that students are in licking each others eyeballs for sexual arousal. Also known as oculolinctus or “worming,” more and more middle schoolers in Japan are exploring this new trend. According to the teacher who first reported the incident, one third of the students in his classroom said they had participated in the act, either by licking someone’s eyes or having their eyes licked themselves. A Japanese band called Born made a music video in which a woman licks the lead singer’s eye. Some think the trend may stem from kids viewing the video, but others believe it’s just something new and different to people who are willing to try anything.



Eyeball licking can lead to chlamydia, herpes, TB and other diseases. Pink eye and styes are also common side effects. One of the most serious consequences is blindness. The teacher in Japan stated that up to ten kids in the same classroom were wearing eye patches at the same time. An article by the The Huffington Post quotes an ophthalmologist who says ridges on the tongue can cause corneal abrasions or transmit acids or spices from food into the eye. Bacteria found in the mouth should not enter the eye, as it could cause infection.

Who else is participating?

While this story is now being widely reported as a phenomenon in Japan, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening elsewhere. The HuffPost article interviewed a woman from the U.S. Virgin Island who admitted to enjoying having her eyeballs licked. She said it was an intimate act but suffered the consequences, ending up with corneal ulcers and spending time in the hospital.

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