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New Gonorrhea Antibiotic Developed by Scientists Shows Promise

York University Scientists have confirmed¬†therapeutic effects of carbon monoxide-releasing molecules to develop a new antibiotic which could be used to treat the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea.¬†Scientists believe the breakthrough, published in the journal MedChemComm, could pave the way for new treatments. Continue reading “New Gonorrhea Antibiotic Developed by Scientists Shows Promise” »

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Strain of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in Australia

Doctors in Australia have uncovered a troubling strain of gonorrhea which appears to be resistant to traditional antibiotics.

What does this mean for STD treatment? TEST SMARTLY LABS has the details.

Continue reading “Strain of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in Australia” »

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An STD Breeding Ground

You’d think headlines like this would come across more often than they do:

Syphilis scare halts porn industry filming in LA as health officials investigate

Yep, there’s a huge business centered around the “sex industry” that keeps on going, despite the risk of STDs. That is, until a positive STD test occurs and the industry halts production of new “material” until all actors can be notified and STD tested. Oh – and given antibiotics to kill the STD “just in case” they happen to have it.

According to CBS, this past week’s production stand-still wasn’t the first time the porn industry has halted production because of STD threats or occurrence. Over the past several years, positive HIV tests have caused a stop in production and mandated STD tests and treatment. With the nature of the industry (and without mandated use of condoms), we have a feeling this won’t be the last time this occurs.


Not a shocker: the porn industry carries a high risk of STDs

A breeding ground for STDs

We’re not out to take a position on the industry in this post – but what we will say is that the porn industry is an obvious breeding ground for STDs. The reason STDs are such a problem is because of 1) multiple sexual partners 2) lack of condom use and 3) lack of STD testing. And this industry takes all of these issues and puts them on a stage for the world to see. There’s no disguising or hiding the fact the porn actors are at risk for STDs. Our hope is that the industry makes a strong commitment to routine STD testing and takes steps toward STD prevention. Because like it or not, the world is watching.

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