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Four Reasons You Need to Get Tested for HIV Today

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All too often, people only think about the fun part of having sex, not the repercussions. Engaging in sexual relationships comes with many responsibilities that people often fail to think about.

One responsibility that comes with sex is keeping yourself and others free from harmful diseases such as HIV. According to some reports, as many as 20 percent of the people who have HIV don’t know it.

Fortunately, people can pursue HIV testing to help combat the spread of this potentially devastating disease. Here are some reasons why HIV testing is so vital for safeguarding your health.

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Managing Your STD Risk

June 16-22 marks Healthcare Risk Management Week. One of the most important ways ways to manage health risks is to find ways to lessen your STD risk. TEST SMARTLY LABS is here to help with some ideas to keep you healthy.

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What Increases Men’s STD Risk?

Today marks the start of National Men’s Health Week, a time for men (and women!) to learn more about men’s health risks and their prevention strategies, detection, and treatment.

To celebrate this important awareness week and help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, we’re sharing information on what increases men’s STD risk.

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Discussing STDs With Your Teen

April is officially designated STD Education & Awareness Month. As we’ve shared before, to be effective, STD education shouldn’t just take place in sex ed class — STD education must also take place in the home early on.

Having the sex talk alone can seem daunting to parents, but discussing sex without discussing safe sex practices and STDs isn’t a good strategy. It’s important that your children understand the risks associated with STDs, as well as how STDs are spread.

Ready to tackle STD education with your kids? Here are our tips for promoting their STD awareness.

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How are Alcohol and STDs Linked?

Anyone who’s consumed alcohol knows that one of its effects is lowered inhibitions. There are things people normally wouldn’t say or do that happen under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, sexual behaviors can be affected by alcohol use, leaving women and men more vulnerable to STDs.

As part of Alcohol Awareness Month, TEST SMARTLY LABS is sharing the details on how alcohol use affects sexual habits and STD rates.

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