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STD Awareness Month is NOW!

Happy STD Awareness Month!

The fact that STDs even have an awareness month has to open your eyes to the growing problem.

While anyone who is sexually active is susceptible to STDs, mostly those who have multiple sexual partners are at the highest risk. And that especially involves those between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. According to the CDC, those in this age group account for HALF of the STD Cases.


Many teenagers AND adults are at risk of STDs.

Learn more STD statistics from the CDC.

What to Do about STDs

To raise awareness of STDs, it’s important to get talking about them! Many are embarrassed to bring up this taboo subject but the statistics show that many are dealing with issues from STDs.

If you’re a teen with an STD…

If you’re a teenager, you need to know that your age group is the most impacted by STDs. Sleeping around is causing many of you to face unwanted side effects like STDs. And if you have one and sleep with others, you’re making the problem worse. The tricky thing is that you might not always know that you’ve contracted an STD. Many of them don’t have symptoms, or symptoms show up later. However, you need to know if you’ve got one. It can impact your health and even your future fertility if left untreated. If you are sexually active, you need tested for STDs each year. You can find a confidential, STD-testing lab that will have your results to you quickly.

If you’re a parent…

If you’re a parent of a teenager, find a way to discuss STDs with your teenager and educate them on the risks. Many teens understand safe sex, but don’t understand even protected sex won’t always prevent you from getting an STD. Many teens don’t know the signs and symptoms of an STD and are embarrassed to bring it up with their parents and even their doctors. Plus, many STDs are treatable! Be involved. If you know (or suspect) your teen is sexually active, push through the awkward conversations. It will protect your teen now … and even in the future.

If you’re an adult…

Teens aren’t the only ones facing STDs. Adults may also contact STDs from spouses or multiple sexual partners. While contraception is often on the mind first and foremost, STDs should be a close second. Practice safe sexual relations as an adult. Know the signs and symptoms of STDs, and get checked yearly if you’ve had multiple sexual partners. If your spouse has an STD and you’re concerned you might have it too, consider getting tested to know if you also need treatment or to take caution. Don’t be that guy (or that girl) that goes about infecting others with STDs and not even knowing it. It’s NOT just a teenage issue.

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