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Being Aware of Your Sexual Health

If you are sexually active then listen up. September is a good time to have an STD test performed, as it’s Sexual Health Awareness Month. The CDC recommends that all people between the ages of 13 and 64 be tested at least once for HIV. Anyone sexually active should get tested for all STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, herpes 1 and 2, trichomoniasis, and HIV. Continue reading “Being Aware of Your Sexual Health” »

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When Your Partner has a STD

Finding out your partner has a sexually transmitted disease is a big stress on a relationship. Not only do you have to deal with the medical implications but also the probability that your partner has not practice safe sex at some point.  Continue reading “When Your Partner has a STD” »

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February is National Condom Month

February is recognized as National Condom Month in the United States. Originally started on a university campus, it has grown into an educational event that benefits high schools, colleges, AIDS groups, sexually transmitted disease awareness groups and family planning centers.  Continue reading “February is National Condom Month” »

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Trojan Condoms’ Sexual Health Report Card: How Does Your Alma Mater Rank?

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For the second year in a row, Oregon State University earned the number one spot on the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, according to the annual survey sponsored by Trojan Brand Condoms and conducted by Speriling’s BestPlaces. The study the state of sexual health among American universities to light by ranking each school according to its accessibility to sexual health resources.

West Coast Schools Come out on Top

Oregon State made a meteoric rise from 25 to number one. The survey ranks considers things like condom  and contraceptive accessibility, outreach programs and student peer groups and sexual health website quality and the quality of sexual health information.

“With an unparalleled network of enthusiastic student peer groups with interesting and engaging programs, Oregon State University is a leader in campus sexual health resources,” said Bert Sperling, president of Sperling’s BestPlaces. “The school’s dedication to improving its offerings to students allows it to come out on top of the rankings for the second year in a row.”

The Top 10 Sexually Healthy Schools

  1. Oregon State University
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of Georgia
  4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  5. Brown University
  6. University of Oregon
  7. University of Iowa
  8. Columbia University in the City of New York
  9. The University of Texas At Austin
  10. University of Arizona

Schools with Work to Do

Some schools in the top 50 have made impressive strides to offer their students sexual health resources. Cornell University jumped from 58 to 2014 to 16 in 2015. Others, however, have made no improvements or even dropped in rank. Purdue dropped from number 57 to 120. Brigham Young University has been at the very bottom of the list for three years running, and have been last only to Troy State University and Providence College.

Sexual Health Resources

TEST SMARTLY LABS takes sexual health seriously, and so should you. To learn more about STD prevention or testing, contact any location today.


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Steps to Improve Your Sexual Health

In the new year, the focus is often on losing weight.

While it’s always admirable to take care of this aspect of your health, there’s an underlooked part of personal wellness that should also be considered: sexual health.

Most people don’t think of their sexual health until there is an issue. By focusing on your sexual health in the new year, you can prevent problems from emerging.

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Where Does Your College Rank on Trojan’s 2014 Sexual Health Report Card?

On the cusp of March Madness, there’s a different set of collegiate rankings we’d like to draw your attention to: the top 10 list of universities in terms of sexual health.

We’ve reported on the Trojan™ sexual health report card before, and now that 2014’s results are in, we’re here to see if any of 2013’s data has changed.

If you’re a college student, a parent, a collegiate administrator, or just a curious alum checking up on your alma mater, check out the details on 2014’s sexual health rankings below.

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Be Safe This Valentine’s Day With Our To-Do List!

Valentine’s Day 2015 is almost here! If you’re planning a date with your significant other, this means you probably have a to-do list that looks like this:

  1. Make reservations (or buy groceries if you’re planning on playing chef)
  2. Pick out a hot new outfit
  3. Buy chocolates
  4. Buy flowers
  5. Buy card
  6. Buy romantic gift

But if you’re planning on keeping on top of your sexual health this Valentine’s Day, there are a few things you need to add to the list.

Here’s what your to-do list must include this V-Day so that you stay happy and healthy!

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College Students: Focus on Your Sexual Health

As the fall semester approaches, buying textbooks, moving into the dorm, and meeting new or reuniting with old friends are probably at the top of most students’ minds.

One topic that more students should be concerned with, though, is their sexual health, particularly when it comes to avoiding the spread of STDs.

During college, students are faced with many important decisions that affect their sexual health. Here are our tips to help you make the most informed decisions.

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Reducing STD Rates in Your Community

June 1 – 7 is celebrated as Community Health Improvement Week across the United States. It’s a time for you to get involved with your area’s health and wellness efforts, including lowering STD rates in your community.

How can you help prevent the spread of STDs in your area? Here are our tips for stopping the rise of STD rates in your community.

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STDs and Cancer Risk: How Does Sexual Health Affect Overall Health?

In 2012, President Barack Obama declared April as Cancer Control Month, a time to spotlight and celebrate the many advancements in cancer treatment, including important prevention efforts such as cancer screenings.

Although most people are very aware of cancer and its affects on people, many are not aware of how their actions and other aspects of their health can increase their cancer risk. When it comes to your sexual health and cancer risk, you should be aware that contracting an STD can increase your risk for many types of cancer.

Here’s the low-down on STDs and cancer risk.

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