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Arizona’s Retired Population Faces Rising STD Rates

Arizona may be known for sunny days, but there’s a cloud hanging over the state: rising STD rates among senior citizens.

We’ve written before about increasing STD rates among this population, and we’re updating you on the specifics about senior citizens and STDs in Arizona.

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STD Rates on the Rise Among Senior Citizens

STDs are often thought of as a problem for younger generations to deal with. After all, isn’t most unsafe sex practiced by young adults? Surely, older generations are more aware of the dangers of STDs and how to protect themselves from the spread of infectious sexual diseases.

It seems these assumptions aren’t true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, STD rates among senior citizens are on the rise. In fact, their STD rates have increased enough to tie young adults aged 20 – 24 for the largest increase in STDs over 4 years. As senior citizens are living longer, healthier lives, their sexual activity has increased, leading to a rise in STD rates.

Are you a sexually active senior citizen? In addition to hepatitis C, there are a number of STDs your generation is spreading. Educate yourself on STD rates among your age group and learn how you can stop the spread.

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STDs Are Growing Most… Among Seniors.

Senior-citizens-seeing-rise-in-STDsSexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. It’s a troubling thought that might actually make you cringe.

If you assume sexually transmitted diseases are growing most rapidly among high school students and college students… you are wrong.

The group seeing the biggest rise in STDs? Senior citizens.

Consider this…

You probably didn’t know that 80% of people 50 and older are still sexually active. Perhaps that statistic lends itself to this one: Chlamydia and syphilis are tripling among this age group (source).

Why STDs on the rise among seniors?

While I’m sure there are a host of reasons why STDs are on the rise among seniors – here are some reasons that could contribute to our growing problem:

  • People are living longer and divorce is on the rise.
  • Seniors aren’t worrying about pregnancy, so they may avoid using condoms.
  • Older men are the target of erectile dysfunction, medicines can help them & encourage sexual activity.
  • Senior citizens may not have received safe sex education when they were younger.
  • Online dating – which seniors are definitely involved in.

If you were confused as to why your grandmother got a Facebook page, maybe you should be more confused about her profile on Zoosk….

Why are STDs in seniors a problem?

First off, the growth of STDs are a danger to everyone and for senior citizens… they can complicate their health and endanger any sexual partner.

Secondly, this can play into medicare for the senior citizens, an already sensitive subject these days.

How do we change this?

Well – seniors – LISTEN UP:

You are NOT immune to STDs. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are NOT just for young people.

You risk your health when you have unprotected sex. Though pregnancy may not be an issue, you should still be using protection. Simple as that.

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