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Next Time He’ll Think Before He Cheats … About STDs

Two things nobody enjoys thinking about:  a cheating spouse and STDs. However many times, those two things come together when cheating is involved. If it’s not one thing to find out your spouse has been cheating on you, it’s a double-whammy for many couples who have a cheating spouse with STDs. And according to research, it’s becoming more and more common.stds-flirting-ecard-someecards

Cheating + STDs

The Business Standard recently posted an article titled “Love cheats more likely to contract STDs” where a researcher was quoted saying:

“Our research suggests that people who are unfaithful to their monogamous romantic partners pose a greater risk for STDs than those who actively negotiate non-monogamy in their relationship, lead researcher Dr Terri Conley was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

The article explains that those in open relationships are less likely to contract STDs and suggests it’s because individuals who participate in open relationships tend to be sober and more “sexually aware.” The sexual activity is pre-planned, and therefore safe sex is typically practiced more, such as using a condom.  Statistically, those who are cheating on a spouse tend to not use protection. They also tend to use drugs & alcohol more than those in open relationships, too.

Does your spouse have an STD?

Monogamy is one of the best ways to prevent an STD (if both partners are free of STDs when the relationship begins.) However in the event your partner does cheat, it’s wise to consider STD testing for both of you to ensure you’re still protected and not at risk. No, it’s not a pleasant topic to address. And nobody likes thinking about getting an STD test. However it’s a non-invasive way to easily protect yourself from any more hurt and struggle. And if you’ve been cheated on, that’s at least one thing you can do as you rebuild your life.

Been cheated on? Worried you have an STD?

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