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Can STDs Be Prevented With Vaccines?

Most people know that when you are diagnosed with some STDs, you can get it cured with a vaccine. What about preventative vaccines? If you don’t get vaccinated for the following, then you could deal with long illnesses and a lifetime of related issues. Continue reading “Can STDs Be Prevented With Vaccines?” »

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Why Boys Should Get the HPV Vaccination, Too

Ever since Gardasil, a vaccine developed to protect women against the human papillomavirus or HPV, was introduced in 1996, it has been increasingly recommended for females younger than 26.

However, the Centers for Disease Control has updated their guidelines to suggest that boys should also receive the HPV vaccination.

Here’s what parents and men should know about HPV vaccination and its benefits for boys.

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Is HPV Vaccination to Blame for an Increase in STDs?

There are a number of complex factors involved when STD rates rise: A lack of safe sex practices among senior citizens. Increasing use of Craigslist and smart phone apps that relax social norms and up the number of casual hook-ups. A lack of regular STD testing, due to fear, embarrassment, or ignorance.

Fortunately, researchers have concluded that HPV vaccination is not one of the causes of higher STD rates.

Here’s what you should know about HPV vaccination and why it’s good that there’s no link when it comes to STDs.

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