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Setback in the Quest for an HIV Cure

Since the disease emerged in the early 1980’s, doctors have sought a cure for HIV and AIDS. Though there are several HIV/AIDS treatments available, there is no foolproof way to eradicate the disease.

Earlier this year, there was some hope for an HIV cure after it seemed that the disease was eliminated from a second HIV-positive baby. However, now HIV has returned to the first baby thought cured of the disease.

Here are the details and how this impacts HIV treatment.

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Is an HIV Cure on the Horizon?

Three years ago, just 30 hours after her birth, doctors gave a newborn girl high doses of three antiretroviral drugs designed to treat her HIV infection. Although she has been off the medication for almost two years, the girl’s infection has yet to resurface – a fact that scientists are calling a breakthrough in HIV treatment.

Now, a second child’s success is pointing toward a possible HIV cure, raising hope that this potentially fatal STD won’t continue to be spread during birth.

How did doctors come upon this treatment? Here are all the details about the promising HIV cure.

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Do We Have An HIV Cure on the Way?

If you’re older than 40, it might not be hard to imagine a world without the HIV epidemic. For those who were born later, a world without AIDS is incomprehensible. It’s been a part of our lives for many decades and until recently, it looked like it was never going away. But, thanks to technology and hope, it’s looking like medical research is helping uncover ways to treat … and hopefully cure … HIV.


A possible cure

In recent months, we’ve seen cases of people being functionally cured of HIV. This means that when patients received antiretroviral drugs early after the diagnosis, symptoms of the disease became nonexistent, yet the disease was still traceable in their systems.

Functional cures are great, but researchers in Denmark think they’re onto something even more special. The team at Aarhus University Hospital believe they’re on the brink of a breakthrough that would cure the disease permanently.

Their proposed solution involves forcing the virus to the DNA’s surface so the body’s immune system can kill it off.

“The challenge will be getting the patients’ immune system to recognize the virus and destroy it. This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems,” Dr. Soggard, a senior researcher in the department of infectious disease at Aarhus.

Good luck and God’s Speed

Every so often, researches claim they’re close to figuring this out. It can be easy to excuse this as just another empty promise. We hope this isn’t the case. We want to send our best wishes to the team in Denmark and all other medical researchers scrambling to eradicate HIV. Though we know progress through research can take a great amount of time, it is our hope that researchers have great resources and can cure HIV.

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