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Props to UNC for their Sexual Health Initiative – Catchy Condom Slogans

Major props to those Tar Heels this week.

As many of you know, condoms are one of the most effective ways to prevent STDs. (Yes, STD prevention is different than preventing pregnancy.)

So what better way to try and stop the STD epidemic from spreading co-ed to co-ed?

Why a condom competition of course!

Name that condom dispenser!

Condom Dispenser Feature Story

Props to UNC’s condom dispenser contest – image from UNC’s Campus Health Services.

Just check out UNC’s website where students can submit their clever ideas for catchy condom machine slogans. The contest is part of a university-wide campaign to increase awareness of sexual health practices. It appears me and my friends at TEST SMARTLY LABS are not the only ones who recognize the growing problem of STDs, especially among youth.

Plans for new condom dispensers around campus are in the works for this year. And what better way to draw attention to them than a funny slogan – especially one coming from a clever copywriter within the student body.

What is in it for the wise guy who finds a way to promote public sexual health in a “school-approved” way? Well – less occurrence of gonorrhea and chlamydia, of course. Oh – and an iPad mini.

Why the condom slogan competition is genius…

This STD blogger applauds the university for such a creative way to promote sexual health.

Nobody likes to think about, much less talk about STDs – but they are a growing problem. Just read the statistics.  And this university found a way around the awkwardness.

Having students get involved through a non-offensive way is the first step in gaining awareness. Once the contest is over, students can search for the new condom dispensers to see which entries won out. (Oh – and as a result, they will know where the condom boxes are located in the event they need one.) Genius.

We are thrilled to see a university step up, be creative and find a way to bridge the uncomfortable “have safe sex” conversation around campus. This totally beats the “birds and the bees” talk.

We cannot wait to see what students come up with… it might even warrant a field trip to UNC.


An STD blog? Really? Yep – we’re here to spread the word about the growing STD problem in America. Need an STD test? We recommend TEST SMARTLY LABS.

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