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Don’t Let STDs Ruin Your Spring Break

College students nationwide look forward to Spring Break every year. Not only is it a welcomed break from the business of school, it’s usually also a chance for them to physically get away from campus.

For many students, this means traveling to beaches and bars. Drug and alcohol abuse are often integral to the spring break experience, and with them, casual sexual encounters.

As a result, a hangover isn’t the only thing many spring breakers are left with — STDs are a lasting hanger-on after all the partying is done. Satirical news site The Onion says it all: “STD Had Awesome Time On Spring Break.

It is possible to have fun on spring break and still stay healthy. Here are our tips for making sure STDs don’t ruin your spring break.

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College Students: Focus on Your Sexual Health

As the fall semester approaches, buying textbooks, moving into the dorm, and meeting new or reuniting with old friends are probably at the top of most students’ minds.

One topic that more students should be concerned with, though, is their sexual health, particularly when it comes to avoiding the spread of STDs.

During college, students are faced with many important decisions that affect their sexual health. Here are our tips to help you make the most informed decisions.

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Student Health & Safe Sex: Why College Students Need STD Testing

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re focusing on healthy relationships this month, starting with college students. Although Trojan’s 2013 report card reveals that some colleges are excelling in terms of sexual health, overall STDs are still on the rise among college-aged adults.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that gonorrhea and chlamydia rates are highest among 15 and 24-year olds, at 58% and 69% respectively. Overall, gonorrhea cases have risen 4.1% since 2011, and chlamydia 0.7% since 2011.

If these rates aren’t alarming enough, consider that they only include self-reported cases — meaning that thousands of STD infections could be slipping through the cracks. With serious long-term consequences at stake — including infertility, higher risk of HIV, and even death — it’s key that college-aged adults understand the importance of STD testing.

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