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What is “Undetectable” HIV?

“I have undetectable HIV” is a phrase that can cause some controversy in the HIV/AIDS community. But it also causes great celebration as well. So what exactly does it mean?

Undetectable HIV is when a positive patient, linked to antiretroviral therapy (ART), viral load tests reveals less than 40 copies of the virus per milliliter in blood, according to the CDC. This state is also known as “viral suppression”, one of the goals of the 90-90-90 initiative. This goal was established by the UN and adopted by nations all around the world as a way to control the AIDS epidemic. The goal is for 90% of all positive individuals to receive diagnosis, 90% of all positive patients to receive treatment and 90% of all people treated to achieve viral suppression. Continue reading “What is “Undetectable” HIV?” »

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