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Syphilis Growing Resistant to Antibiotics



While STDs are never convenient — and some can cause complications that prove fatal — if they are caught early enough, sexually transmitted diseases can usually be treated.

That’s why it’s essential that you don’t delay STD testing. When you choose not to get tested, you could be making yourself more vulnerable to health risks that could be avoidable.

The problem, though, is that now some strains of STDs are growing resistant to antibiotics, including gonorrhea and now, syphilis.

Here are the details on syphilis and antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic-Resistance Syphilis Growing Prevalent

In the US, penicillin injections are the chosen syphilis treatment. Other nations use alternatives in treatment because of allergies, convenience and ease of administering treatment, and lower cost. One of these alternatives include azithromycin.

This is the treatment that some individuals have grown resistant to, making it necessary for patients to be retested to ensure treatment has worked. This can lead to higher healthcare expenses, as people have to make multiple trips to the doctor for treatments.

Does this mean syphilis is untreatable?

Just as antibiotic gonorrhea is still treatable, so too is resistant syphilis. Treatment just becomes less convenient and more costly. It can take longer for individuals to get better, and increases the likelihood of syphilis transmission as people who’ve been treated may assume they are healthy when they aren’t.

Will this become an issue in the United States?

Since penicillin is the treatment of choice in the US, experts think that we may not need to be concerned about antibiotic resistant strains taking hold here.

Still, it’s an issue in other countries, meaning that travelers could be at risk if they engage in sexual activities overseas. It’s especially an issue for at-risk populations in more remote areas, particularly in third world countries, as these individuals have limited access to medical care.

Protect your sexual health.

The best thing you can do to ensure your sexual health is get regular STD testing. TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide provide confidential and accurate STD testing, including syphilis tests.

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