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Where Does Your College Rank on Trojan’s 2014 Sexual Health Report Card?

On the cusp of March Madness, there’s a different set of collegiate rankings we’d like to draw your attention to: the top 10 list of universities in terms of sexual health.

We’ve reported on the Trojan™ sexual health report card before, and now that 2014’s results are in, we’re here to see if any of 2013’s data has changed.

If you’re a college student, a parent, a collegiate administrator, or just a curious alum checking up on your alma mater, check out the details on 2014’s sexual health rankings below.

2014 Sexual Health Report by Trojan™

Trojan™ conducted the Sexual Health Report Card with an independent research group, Sperling’s BestPlaces, that examined the sexual health resources that students nationwide can access on their campus. 140 major universities were considered, with all 50 states and the District of Columbia represented.

Using information from student health center employees as well as research conducted on those centers and their services, Sperling used the following criteria to determine the final rankings:

  1. Operational hoursCollege Student
  2. Are drop-ins allowed, or is the sexual health center appointment only?
  3. Level of quality of sexual health resources on health center website
  4. Is contraception available free or at cost?
  5. Are condoms available free or at cost?
  6. Is HIV testing available on-site, on or off campus, free or at cost?
  7. Is STD testing available on-site, on or off campus, free or at cost?
  8. Availability and quality of lecture/outreach programs and peer groups for facilitating sexual health education
  9. Presence of services, resources and support for victims of sexual assault
  10. Overall usability of student health website

What Colleges are in the Top 10 in Terms of Sexual Health?

So, how did the colleges fare, particularly compared to last year?

Here’s 2014’s top 10 universities for sexual health:

  1. Oregon State University (making its first appearance in the top 10)
  2. The University of Texas at Austin (up from #8 last year)
  3. University of Maryland (making its first appearance in the top 10)
  4. University of Arizona (down from #3 last year)
  5. Stanford University (making its first appearance in the top 10)
  6. University of Michigan (up from #11 last year)
  7. Brown University (down from #5 last year)
  8. Columbia University (down from #2 last year)
  9. Syracuse University (up from #16 last year)
  10. University of Wisconsin (holding steady at #10 two years in a row)

Improve Sexual Health on Your Campus

We’re happy for the campuses that are excelling at sexual health, but there is always room for growth. TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide can serve as a sexual health resource for universities, not only providing accurate, confidential STD testing, but also helping with educational initiatives.

To get started on improving sexual health on your campus, call your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS today!

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