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What You Need to Know About Pubic Lice

College Students Beware

Unfortunately for college students, pubic lice are the head lice of young adulthood. The freedom and romantic opportunities of college often come with STD’s spreading rampantly. Crabs, Pediculosis pubis, or pubic lice are spread typically through close personal contact, such as sexual activity. Although it is possible to get pubic lice from infested sheets, towels, or clothing, these lice aren’t able to live long when not attached to the body.

Diagnosing and Treating Pubic Lice

Human hair, from the hair on our heads, bodies, and genitals, are actually all quite different from each other. This unfortunately means that three different types of lice infect our bodies. Crabs are a completely different species than the head lice that infest our hair. However, these lice all have something in common: they make us itchy and uncomfortable. Symptoms of crabs typically include pubic itching and visible pubic lice or nits.STD Health

Topical pesticides, such as Permethrin, are the typically treatment for pubic lice. If you discover that you have pubic lice, you should make any sexual partners you had within a month of the symptoms aware of the possibility that they have them too. While you are treating your pubic lice, you should also avoid sexual activity until you are completely symptom free, in order to prevent your partners from becoming infested.

To determine whether you might have pubic lice, you should carefully examine your pubic area for lice and nits. If you are still not sure, or if you have difficulty treating the infestation, it might be a good idea to visit your doctor for a formal diagnosis.

Protect Your Sexual Heath, Get Tested

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