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What to do When Your Partner Tests Positive for an STD

testing positive for an std

Having an STD is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, such a diagnosis is fairly common. This doesn’t mean that a positive STD test doesn’t have devastating consequences. The news can be just as troubling to current and former sexual partners who have not yet been tested.

What To Do When a Partner Has an STD

When a partner reveals a positive STD test, it’s important to remain calm and clear headed. Supporting partner with STDs isn’t always easy. However, it’s important to bear in mind that an STD isn’t necessarily incurable. A positive STD test is the first step toward getting healthy.

Supporting a Partner with an STD

Try to obtain comprehensive details of the positive STD test. Which STD is present? Supporting partner with STDs begins with knowledge. If the STD is bacterial like syphilis or gonorrhea, then a cure is available. Supporting partner with STDs is especially vital if the STD is a viral infection. That’s because a positive STD test for HIV, hepatitis or genital herpes cannot be cured. Nonetheless, effective treatments that can manage these conditions are available.

Get STD Testing

Undergoing STD testing is crucial if you want to protect yourself. You can be supporting partner with STDs by being tested, as this can put their mind at ease at the same time you obtain peace of mind for yourself.

What If You Have a Positive STD Test?

Schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. This way, you can begin a course of treatment without delay, and that may mean that you experience fewer symptoms. Keep in contact with your partner who also tested positive. Supporting partner with STDs can become a helpful two-way street. Then, it is imperative to share the positive STD test with other sexual partners so they can also be tested.

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