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What States are Struggling Most with STD-Related Deaths?

STDs are a problem in every state, but a recent publication from the Centers for Disease Control suggests that certain states are seeing particularly high numbers of deaths from STDs. By becoming familiar with which STDs are causing problems in particular regions, it’s possible for public health agencies to craft appropriate response and prevention programs. Such information can also help the public be aware of outbreaks in their area so they can better protect themselves.

Here are the states and regions in which STDs seem to be the biggest problem.

STD-Related Deaths High in Certain States

HIV Deaths in Florida

The data collected for the publication ranged from 2001-2010. During that time 15,000 deaths from HIV-related causes were reported in Florida. This suggests that public health officials and medical professionals may need to unite in a concerted effort to improve education and outreach. These efforts, combined with more effective drugs and better treatment methods, should work to change this statistic in the next decade.

STDs in New York

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New York appears to have a particularly bad problem with STDs. During the study period the state had far higher rates of death caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea than did any other state. Moreover, it also had the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of deaths related to infections of the female reproductive organs. Most of these infections were caused by undiagnosed and untreated STDs.

Syphilis in Louisiana

Louisiana has a particularly serious issue with the spread of syphilis. Among all STDs, this was the one that caused the most deaths in this southeastern state. Though only 22 people died of syphilis during the study period, that number is still remarkable because this is a highly treatable disease that few people die from. Researchers think that the difficulty of receiving medical care in the state’s more remote regions may contribute to this higher than normal rate of deaths from STDs.

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