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These STD Testing Myths Might be Affecting Your Health

Myths About STD Testing

We’ve written about STD myths before, but we haven’t covered those misconceptions that surround STD testing.

Since STD tests are one of the best ways to protect your sexual health, it’s crucial that you pursue them regularly and don’t let these myths dissuade you. The STD testing myths include:Sexual Health Red Blue Green Squares

One Test Can Screen for All STDS.

No. Absolutely not. No solitary STD test can give you an accurate and full picture of  your sexual health. All STD tests are not created equal. It’s not only that some tests are better than others, it’s that some tests are very likely to correctly identify people who carry the disease, and some tests will never misidentify an uninfected person as infected.

VDRL Tests Can Provide Results for HIV

No they don’t. It’s a misconception that VDRLs can test for HIV. VDRLs do not test for all viral STDs, but they can test for syphilis.

An HIV Test Is All You Need

Some people believe that if a doctor tells you that you have chlamydia or gonorrhea, that you’ll be fine after a course of antibiotics. Those people are wrong.  Some doctors and clinics that screen young people test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, but only those two common STDs. While they can be treated, it is assumed that the patients don’t have any other STDs. Additional tests are needed for herpes or syphilis, which can be spread to other partners unknowingly.

How can I be sure I’m not positive?

The only way to know for sure if you don’t have STDs is to get tested for everything you might be concerned about. You’ll have to ask. It’s not fair to expect the uninformed to be in the know about these things, but it is the case.

If you’re concerned you’ve contracted an STD, find the nearest wellness-certified TEST SMARTLY LABS location for STD testing.


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