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“The Clap” Doesn’t Mean “Congrats” in STD World

Some of you may be all too familiar with “the clap.” And some of you might just think we’re talking about applause. However anyone out there who’s ever dealt with “the clap” will tell you it’s nothing to be excited or congratulatory about. Join me today as we open a chapter on STD slang!


"The Clap" is nothing to clap about

What is “The Clap?”

“The Clap” is a slang term used to talk about gonorrhea. In recent years, some have used it to refer to any STD or mistake it with chlamydia, but really – it refers to gonorrhea. Search the web and you will find several answers and theories about where this slang term came from. Some suggestions include:

  • It’s derived from a French word for “brothel”
  • It came from the Paris neighborhood Clapier which had a brothel
  • During WW2, soldiers would “collapse” because of the infections, which turned into having “the clap”
  • Treatment of the disease would involve “clapping” a penis from both sides, or pain would feel as tough there was “clapping” occurring inside of the urethra
  • Margaret Clap, an 18th century brothel keeper – a namesake for her
  • Microscopic term of two cocci “clapping”
  • And then there’s this random thing that has to do with rabbits.

Like we said – there’s not really a clear answer. But one thing is clear – having “the clap” is zero fun.

Treating “The Clap”

STDs are very common (did you see our STD statistics post last week?) and especially gonorrhea. Gonorrhea usually effects areas of the reproductive tract, but can also disturb your rectum, throat/mouth and even your eyes. Usually signs appear within a week, but could take as long as a month. However – like several STDs, many have gonorrhea yet never know. Especially women. In the event there are symptoms, this is what may occur:

Guys Gonorrhea Symptoms

penis discharge (can be white, green, yellow or slightly bloody), burning pee, urge and increased frequency of pee, pain near your balls, swelling, fever

Gals Gonorrhea Symptoms

painful pee, urge to go pee, creamy or bloody discharge, abnormal bleeding, bleeding during sex, pain with sex, swelling and tenderness near the vagina (note: if you’re pregnant, you CAN pass this along to your baby if it goes untreated, fyi.)

STD testing for “The Clap”

With the right medication and treatment, you can clear up the infection in no time. While it may not seem like a big deal, not treating gonorrhea can create problems down the line – not just for you, but for your future spouse and/or kids.

Frequent STD testing, especially if you’ve had multiple sexual partners – is key in discovering if you have “the clap” and then forming a plan to get rid of it. Now being bold to do that and get an STD … is something to applaud.


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  1. Comment by Sexual Wellness Center on September 21, 2015 at 10:02 am

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