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Strain of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in Australia

Doctors in Australia have uncovered a troubling strain of gonorrhea which appears to be resistant to traditional antibiotics.

What does this mean for STD treatment? TEST SMARTLY LABS has the details.

The New Strain of Gonorrhea Resistant to Antibiotics

The Discovery of A8806TEST SMARTLY LABS | Strain of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Found in Australia

Scientists first identified this gonorrhea strain, A8806, when a European woman travelling in Australia experienced unusual vaginal discharge a week after intercourse with a new partner.

She was diagnosed with gonorrhea, but scientists made a strange discovery when analyzing the bacteria behind her infection. They found it was resistant to three key antibiotics regularly used in gonorrhea treatment: penicillin, ciprofloxacin, and ceftriaxone.

Doctors were able to find an STD treatment regimen that ultimately worked on the woman — a combination of ceftriaxone and another antibiotic — but the discovery still has wider implications for the treatment of gonorrhea and other STDs.

What Does This Mean for STD Treatment?

These findings show that STDs like gonorrhea are growing resistant to traditional STD treatment. In particular, it seems that ceftriaxone may not be an effective gonorrhea treatment any longer. Over the past 30 years, gonorrhea strains seem to be developing a greater resistance to antibiotics, limiting treatment options.

Researchers are unsure how common A8806 is and if it has spread to other nations. According to David Whiley, a researcher based out of Brisbane who worked with the European traveler, Australia is better at monitoring STDs than many nations, which is perhaps why the strain of gonorrhea was discovered there. Thus, it’s possible that this antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea variant is spreading outside of Australia but going undetected.

Since there is another antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea strain, H041, researchers are overall concerned about growing STD resistance.

Remember to be Mindful of Your Sexual Health

While we can’t know about the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant STD strains, we can control how we monitor our own sexual health. With regular STD testing, you can receive the proper treatment you need to ensure your wellness. Find your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS today to receive accurate, confidential STD testing for many infections, including gonorrhea!

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