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Steps to Improve Your Sexual Health

Sexual Health

In the new year, the focus is often on losing weight.

While it’s always admirable to take care of this aspect of your health, there’s an underlooked part of personal wellness that should also be considered: sexual health.

Most people don’t think of their sexual health until there is an issue. By focusing on your sexual health in the new year, you can prevent problems from emerging.

Improving Your Sexual Health

Use Condoms Correctly

When used consistently and correctly, condoms can help protect against STDs and prevent pregnancy. To use them the right way, you must employ the condom from start to finish (even during foreplay), remove the condom carefully, and dispose of the condom properly.

Also keep in mind that oil-based lubricants such as massage oils, body lotions, and petroleum jellies can weaken and break latex. If you need lubricants, then be sure to use water-based ones.

Know STD Risks

Certain behaviors can put men and women at risk for STDs. These can include having multiple sexual partners, having unprotected sex, and failing to get regular STD testing.

The more you are aware of your own STD risks, the more you can do to lessen or prevent them.

Regular STD Testing

Getting STD testing on a regular basis will improve your sexual health. When you monitor yourself and catch STDs before they cause larger medical issues, you can prevent lasting damage. You can also ensure that you identify any STDs that a partner has knowingly or unknowingly passed on to you.

TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide are equipped to provide discreet and accurate STD testing for individuals. If you are ready to take control of your sexual health, contact your nearest location today!

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