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STDs You Can Get from Kissing

┬áMost people know that sexually transmitted diseases are passed on — well — sexually; but what many individuals fail to confront is that kissing is included as one of the sexual activities that can result in an infection.
We’re sharing some of the STDs that can be transmitted via one liplock.

STDs Spread Through Kissing


A member of the herpes family, cytomegalovirus (CMV) is spread through saliva, blood, urine, semen, and breast milk. Obviously, since saliva is exchanged during kissing, this is one STD that you can get from a smooch.

Unfortunately, CMV can stay dormant for long periods — particularly if an individual is healthy. This means you may be kissing someone who has the virus without even knowing it!


The oral form of herpes is passed when an infected area comes into contact with broken skin or a mucous membrane of an uninfected individual.

You might think that people with herpes realize they are infected and simply refrain from kissing others to prevent the spread of the infection. But since oral herpes symptoms are not always apparent, the cycle of transmission continues.

Fortunately, oral herpes outbreaks are not as common as genital herpes ones, with symptoms only lasting 8-10 days and the cold sores healing on their own.

Hepatitis B

This STD can spread from one individual to another in saliva, plus exposed sores. This means that kissing is one form of transmission.

Many people in America are vaccinated for hepatitis B, which helps prevent outbreaks.

Kiss Uncertainty Goodbye

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