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STDs & Summer Vacation: Prevention & Sexual Health

STDs & Summer Vacation-

Sometimes, the warm summer weather causes people to lose their inhibitions and engage in risky sexual behavior.

Rather than become a statistic and catch one of many STDs, it’s advisable to use caution and protection while vacationing this year. With school and work obligations put on hold, there is no reason not to be social.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious when it comes to STDs and sexual partners. If you meet someone that you want to have intercourse with, you need to do the following to protect yourself as well as the other person from STDs.

Preventing STD Transmission this Summer

The easiest way to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is by abstaining from having sex while on vacation. If you do choose to have intercourse with someone you just met or know casually, be sure to follow our tips:

  • Always use a condom. It may not completely eliminate STDs but it does provide good protection against them.
  • Get STD testing. You and your partner both should be tested for STDs. If the encounter is with someone who you’re not monogamous with, make sure to carry contraceptive with you and use it.
  • Don’t abuse drugs and alcohol. When under the influence, you could engage in risky behavior and possibly contract STDs. It’s important to be aware of what you’re doing so you make the right choices about contraception.
  • Keep safe sex items in your bag. If you’re going to have sex while on vacation, come prepared. Make sure you have protection against STDs with you. If you don’t have condoms, don’t have sex. It’s that simple.

Before letting loose on vacation, consider what STDs do to a person. They put your health and the health of your partners in jeopardy. Before engaging in risky behavior, prepare accordingly by having protection against STDs with you in your bag. Have a test before you go and enjoy your time away without abusing drugs and alcohol.

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