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Spring Break & STDs: The Hidden Dangers

Spring Break & STDs

Spring break and sex are synonymous. Students wanting to let loose and experience new things often take to the streets and beaches in the hottest destinations for a week of endless fun, adventure, and casual sexual encounters.

They pack their bathing suits, swim trunks, and sunscreen but many forget to bring condoms which is why the risk of getting STDs on spring break is higher.

Drinking and Unprotected Sex are a Dangerous Combination

The alcohol flows freely during spring break and inhibitions go out the window when young people are drunk. They do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do at home because they have the illusion of privacy in their minds. What they don’t realize is that once an STD screening has taken place at their doctor’s office and an STD has been confirmed, they’ll be telling every future partner that they’re with that they have gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia.

The Top Three Spring Break Destinations and Their STD Rates


Panama City Beach, Florida is the number one spring break destination. In 2010, 731 cases of chlamydia and 114 cases of gonorrhea were reported by the Florida Health Department. Taking simple preventative measures like using condoms during sexual activity could have reduced these STD statistics significantly.

Las Vegas

In 2011, Las Vegas reported a significant increase in the number of people with HIV. The state ranked 20th in the nation and 36.2% of chlamydia cases involved college students aged 20 to 24. Using condoms lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases by preventing one person from transmitting them to another.


Cancun, the third destination on the list, has an extremely high rate of people living with HIV and AIDS. It’s a place where getting an STD is easy because of its large population of prostitutes. The best defense is protection.

Stay Healthy This Spring Break

Spring break doesn’t have to be a time where people are completely reckless. Err in the way of caution and you’ll avoid a lifetime of misery. Having an STD is nothing to joke about as many college students will tell you.

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