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Reducing STD Rates in Your Community

June 1 – 7 is celebrated as Community Health Improvement Week across the United States. It’s a time for you to get involved with your area’s health and wellness efforts, including lowering STD rates in your community.

How can you help prevent the spread of STDs in your area? Here are our tips for stopping the rise of STD rates in your community.

Decrease STD Rates in Your Community

Encourage Community Programming & Education

The best way to stop rising STD rates is to help educate community members on the dangers of STDs and the basics of STD prevention, including the need for regular STD testing. A lack of education can lead people to make decisions that negatively impact their sexual health. In addition to talking to your own children about sexual health, you can work with local schools, sexual health centers, health care providers, clinics, and other resources to encourage programming geared at youth and adults.

TEST SMARTLY LABS | Reducing STD Rates in Your CommunityWork to Make Contraceptives More Widely Available

When more sexually active individuals use safe sex practices, STD rates won’t increase as rapidly. By making contraceptives like condoms more widely available in your community, you’ll help keep STD rates in check. Try holding a sexual health fair with free condoms available or discussing condom distribution at local high schools.

Talk to Your Elected Representatives

To make the biggest impact on STD rates in your community, you need the support of your local government. Elected officials have a say in how funding is distributed to sexual health organizations and a hand in shaping sexual health policies. State and local representatives need to know the urgency of reducing STD rates and how much their constituents care about sexual health in their community.

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