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Older Americans: STDs Are Your Problem, Too

STDs. Most people associate those four letters with younger generations. Partying, bed-hopping, and unsafe sex practices lead to STDs, right? Those aren’t behaviors associated with older people, so it’s thought that adults needn’t be concerned with STDs and their repercussions.

Research has shown that these assumptions aren’t the truth, and that they can actually be dangerous, as they can lead to higher rates of STDs among adults.

Here’s why you should still care about STD prevention, even if you don’t think they affect you.

Why Should Adults Care About STDs?

STD Rates Among Senior Citizens Are Rising

Data from the CDC shows that STD rates among senior citizens are rising, perhaps due to the false assumption that STDs shouldn’t be a concern for the older generations. Rates for chlamydia were up by 31% from 2007 – 2011, while syphilis rates were up by 52% in the same span. 75% of  New York’s HIV-positive population is over 40. On the whole, STD rates among seniors doubled in the span from 2000 to 2010, with rates continuing to increase after that span. Florida, where many senior citizens choose to retire, is at the top of the STD rates.

Baby Boomers Are Experiencing a Rise in Hepatitis CTEST SMARTLY LABS | Older Americans: STDs Are Your Problem, Too

Hepatitis C may not rank among the most well-known STDs, but it is still a big concern for older Americans, as it’s appearing in baby boomers at high rates. 14% of this age group have hepatitis C, and many don’t even know it. This is because the STD can remain undetected in the system, eventually leading to serious health conditions such as liver disease or even liver cancer.

Modeling Behaviors

If anything, adults need to care about STDs because their behaviors can influence younger generations who should also be concerned about STD prevention and safe sex. By giving off an attitude that STDs can’t happen to them, adults might make their children or other young adults they’re around think the same — which can lead to reckless behaviors that cause the STD cycle to repeat. The reality is that STD rates should be everyone’s concern.

Accurate, Confidential STD Testing for Adults

Every adult should be sure to follow the CDC’s recommendations for STD testing, which we outline here. When you need accurate, quick, and confidential STD testing, the TEST SMARTLY LABS located nationwide can provide comprehensive testing.

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