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Not Getting STD Testing? Here’s Why Your Reasons Don’t Make Sense.

As leading providers of STD testing, we encounter a lot of reasons why people delay or resist getting screened on a regular basis.

Our goal is not only to make STD testing easy and accessible for people, but also to encourage everyone to monitor their sexual health.

Today, we’re sharing 4 excuses for not getting STD testing — and why they aren’t acceptable.

STD Testing Excuses That Just Don’t Cut It.

1. You’re Embarrassed.

Avoiding STD testing because you don’t want to confront uncomfortable truths about your sexual history? It’s never good to avoid STD testing just to sweep things under the rug. If you have an STD, you need to know sooner rather than later so that you can get the proper treatment. Otherwise, depending on what you have, your STD could spiral into more serious health problems, like infertility. Plus, you run the risk of exposing others to your STD, too.

At TEST SMARTLY LABS, STD testing is always completely confidential, and since we offer a variety of tests at our clean, comfortable facilities, you won’t feel conspicuous visiting us for STD testing, either. Our trained staff will handle your screening with tact and no judgment.

2. You’re in a Committed Relationship.TEST SMARTLY LABS | Stop With the Excuses & Get STD Testing

Think STD testing isn’t needed when you’re in a long-term, committed relationship? We hate to say it, but infidelity happens, and you could end up with a STD if you don’t pursue regular testing. Plus, since STDs can remain dormant or not show symptoms, it’s possible that a completely faithful partner could be carrying an STD neither party knows about, leading to a rude awakening down the line. This is why even monogamous, trusting partners should get STD testing.

3. You Haven’t Had Vaginal or Anal Sex.

STDs aren’t just spread through vaginal or anal sex. Oral sex can spread STDs, and even just touching an infected area can transmit HPV, herpes, and syphilis. Pubic lice (also called crabs) thrive in warm and moist environments like wet towels, bedsheets, wet clothes, and even shower loofahs for up to 24 hours, making them spreadable outside of intercourse. And since some STDs, notably Hepatitis B & C, HIV, and syphilis, can spread through the blood, so lack of sexual contact is not a good reason for avoiding STD testing.

4. You Haven’t Had Sex in a While.

If you’ve been abstinent for a while (whether or not it’s by choice), you might feel that STD testing isn’t necessary. But since many forms of STDs don’t show symptoms and others have long periods of dormancy, even those who aren’t sexually active — including senior citizens — could unknowingly have STDs.

You Need STD Testing. Come to TEST SMARTLY LABS.

Stop making excuses for why you don’t need STD testing and visit TEST SMARTLY LABS today. Our nationwide facilities offer quick, accurate, and confidential STD testing results for those who are ready to take charge of their sexual health.

To get started, find your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS!

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