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New STD Testing Apps Help You Spread the Word (And Not Your STDs)

In the past twenty years, the way that people talk about STDs has changed. Sure, there are still social stigmas about STDs that can make STD-positive people reluctant to discuss their diagnoses, but people have also realized that honesty and education are some of the best ways to prevent STDs.

It’s no surprise that the rise of smart phone and web-based applications has included some apps to help people communicate about STDs. Here are a few digital tools related to STDs.

Apps & Websites for Talking About STDs


This free mobile app has raised a few eyebrows when it comes to legality and privacy concerns, but many public health experts say it promotes awareness and testing, two key aspects in the fight against STDs. Hula gives the names, contact information, and addresses of local STD testing sites along with user reviews about their experiences at these centers. The app then collects the user’s results in one place. Then you can share the results of your STD testing by showingNew STD Apps Help You Spread the Word And Not Your STDs your sexual partner on your phone or “friending” them to allow them secure access to your results. Hula also sends out reminders for regular testing so that those that test positive stay informed about their STDs. Hula is even teaming up with other apps that help users find sexual partners by integrating their Hula profiles into these external apps. Users and sexual partners should be cautious when using Hula (or just receiving STD testing in general) since people can get unknowingly infected after their testing or diseases like HIV can take months for HIV tests to detect the infection.

Don’t Spread It, inSpot, and So They Can Know

These three apps are changing the way STD-positive patients inform past partners about their STDs. All allow users to send anonymous notifications to their past partners so that they know to be tested for STDs. inSpot was developed in a partnership with the San Francisco Department of Public Health almost ten years ago. Now, the Baltimore City Health Department is working with the creators of So They Can Know to create a portal for users to view their STD testing results online.

Chexout and ChecMate

Similar to Hula’s feature, Chexout and ChecMate both help users view their STD testing results online. Healthcare providers can securely upload patient test results for the users to view, letting them quickly and easily know whether they have STDs.

Undoubtedly, more apps related to STDs will continue to surface in the next ten years, helping users spread the word about their STDs rather than spreading the infections themselves!

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