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STD Prevention for Travellers

July is peak season for vacationing. While on vacation, many of us find ourselves in a more relaxed state, enjoying tropical drinks, warm weather, and a slower pace. Unfortunately, this relaxed mind frame sometimes carries over to cause reduced vigilance about STD prevention.

It’s important that you make efforts to stay healthy while you are traveling. Here are some of the ways that you can work on STD prevention on vacation

STD Prevention When Travelling

STD prevention while on vacation

Understand the Cause of STD Risk on Vacation

According to the CDC, around 20% of travelers report having sex in a  foreign country. This is a startling statistic, given that the rates of STD infection in some countries is extremely high. Why do so many people put themselves in risky sexual situations when they travel? For one thing, many people consume higher levels of alcohol than they normally do when they travel, which works to lower their inhibitions and can lead to people doing things that they normally wouldn’t. The novelty and excitement of travel can also lead people to make poor choices. This is why it is important to limit consumption of alcohol or drugs when travelling. It is also a good idea to travel with companions who can help keep you from making bad decisions. Abstaining from sexual activity is absolutely the best way to prevent STD infection.

Travel Prepared for STD Prevention

Even if you’re not planning on being sexually active on vacation, you should still be prepared. Bring U.S. manufactured condoms, which are held to more rigorous standards than some foreign made varieties. Make sure that you know how to use a condom safely and insist on using it every time you engage in sexual activity. You can also visit your doctor to discuss the benefits of vaccines, like the hepatitis A and B vaccines.

Know Your STD Status

The best way to make informed decisions about your health before and after your vacation is to get STD testing and to insist that your partners do as well. This way, if you test positive, you can seek medical attention. Remember that many STDs are manageable or even curable, but you have to know your status before your doctor can help you treat them. Getting STD testing is also a responsible move because it helps protect the people around you from potential infection.

Reduce STD Risk With STD Testing at TEST SMARTLY LABS

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