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How to tell Family, Friends and Your Partner that you have an STD

Learning that you have an STD is devastating. You’ll have to come to terms with your STD diagnosis, and you’ll probably have to talk about your STD with family, friends and partners. This makes most people uncomfortable, making it necessary to look for tips regarding how to tell family you have an STD.

Give Yourself Time to Deal with an STD Diagnosis

It may be unwise to rush to tell family you have an STD. If you just received an STD diagnosis, then you’re probably feeling emotional, which may mean that you’re not ready to talk about your STD with anyone. Before you tell family you have an STD, take some time to educate yourself about the STD and to gain a better understanding of treatment options.

Talk About Your STD

It’s natural to feel nervous when you think you may want to tell family you have an STD. Try role playing with a trustworthy friend to help you figure out exactly what you want to say. Strive to stay calm throughout the process, as this may help your family and friends not to overreact. Make certain that you choose the proper setting. It should be somewhere that’s neutral and quiet where interruptions are unlikely to occur.

Tell Family You Have an STD

Many people are reluctant to disclose their STD status to family. However, that often means cutting off a source of compassion and support. It’s almost always better to be honest and tell family you have an STD. Talk about your STD with them, and you just might be surprised when it brings you closer.

Find Support

You may find it easier to talk about your STD with other people who have a similar diagnosis. Support groups make it possible to talk about your STD without feeling judged.


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