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How to Talk About STD Testing With Your Partner

STD Testing

First dates are awkward.

There are all the typical concerns that contribute to the awkwardness — what should I wear, what should I order, how flirtatious should I be?

When you add in a topic like STDs, first dates grow downright uncomfortable.

Okay, okay, we’re not quite saying that you have to bring up STDs on your very first date with a new partner, but before you get sexually active with someone, you should broach the topic of STD testing, as getting a clean screen is a necessary part of protecting your sexual health.

Here are some tips for approaching the topic of testing with your new partner!

Let’s Talk About STDs!

Go Over Stats

Many people don’t realize how prevalent STDs are and that they can and do effect so many people. If you review some pertinent facts with your partner, they’ll be more inclined to see why STD testing is so necessary.

Here are some numbers that you might highlight:

  • 2o million people are diagnosed with a new STD annually
  • 1 in 2 sexually active adults will get an STD before age 25
  • People ages 15-24 account for 50% of all new STDs despite being just 25% of the sexually-active population

You may also want to go over STD rates for your state to show that these diseases are a real possibility in your area. It’s hard for people to argue with facts, so going over these will help you convince your partner of a need for STD testing.

Know Testing Procedures

Making your partner aware of how simple and easy it is to get STD testing can also help.

Testing procedures vary based on what STD is being tested for, but for many common STDs, a simple urine test, swab of infected areas, or a quick, painless blood draw can reveal whether or not you or a partner has an STD. Screening does not have to be a long, drawn-out process, and one sample can be used to screen for a few STDs. At our facilities, testing is always confidential and very convenient, as you do not need to make an appointment or even have health insurance.

Get Tested Together

Another way to get your partner comfortable with the idea of STD testing is to visit your local TEST SMARTLY LABS and get tested together. You can walk in for quick, convenient testing that won’t take long and offers discretion.

To get started, contact your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS today!

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