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Here Are America’s “Sex-Happiest” Cities — Where Does Yours Rank?

It isn’t always easy to obtain accurate statistics when it comes to sex. People tend to be fairly private about their habits and are frequently reluctant to participate in scientific studies that delve too deeply into this slightly taboo subject.

That’s why scientists use other means of determining how often people get intimate, and where exactly certain cities rank in terms of sexual health. For instance, they look at sales of contraceptives in certain cities and at STD rates.

Understanding statistics like this list of “Sex Happy” cities from Men’s Health can help you protect yourself so you don’t become one of the people contributing to the high STD rates in the U.S.

Contraceptive Usage

If sales of contraceptives can be used to gauge how often people are having sex, then people in Denver are extremely passionate. Cities like Salt Lake City, Seattle and Washington, D.C. also made appearances in the top 10.

Researchers think that a greater population of young people in these cities likely contributes to these numbers. Plus, summer holidays, dating and tourism concept - smiling couple inefforts to spur the use of contraceptives in Denver have been particularly high profile and widespread. Other places, such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where it intuitively seems like contraceptive sales would be high, figured somewhere in the middle of the list.

Where Are STD Rates the Highest?

Not surprisingly, the cities where contraceptive use is highest are not among those that have the highest STD rates. The U.S. region featuring the highest STD rates is the Southeast. In states like Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, STD rates are skyrocketing. Gonorrhea is the most frequently diagnosed STD in the Southeast, though the numbers for syphilis and chlamydia also remain above average.

Scientists think that STD rates are highest here because of religious resistance to contraception. There may also be a correlation between STD rates and the difficulty of obtaining adequate medical care in rural areas. The great number of colleges in the Southeast, with large populations of young people, may also affect the numbers.

STD Testing Nationwide

No matter if your city is among the “sex happiest” or not, you need to pursue regular STD testing to best ensure your sexual health. Get started today by finding your closest TEST SMARTLY LABS for testing.

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