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Giving Birth With an STD

STDs pose a risk not only to adults, but also to infants. If you suspect that you may have an STD during your pregnancy, then it is critical that you undergo STD testing as soon as possible. Many STDs are treatable and even curable, which means that they don’t have to have a significant impact on your pregnancy. STD testing is the first step toward treatment.

STDs and Pregnancy

Some STDs don’t pose a serious risk during pregnancy. Instead, STDs may be passed on as the infant moves through an infected birth canal. Infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes can all be contracted by infants during the birthing process. Other STDs, like HIV and syphilis, can negatively impact the health and development of the fetus before birth.

STD Testing and Pregnancy

Guidelines suggest that women should undergo STD testing shortly after discovering that they are pregnant. It’s crucial to do this whether you have any symptoms or not. That’s because many STDs do not exhibit symptoms, which means you could be infected during your pregnancy without knowing it. STD testing can give you enormous peace of mind.

Treatment for STDs

Despite your pregnancy, it may be possible to treat and perhaps even cure many STDs. However, because not all STDs can be cured, your physician may recommend a cesarean birth to avoid exposing the infant in the birth canal. In most delivery rooms across America, an infant’s eyes are automatically treated with an antibiotic to prevent blindness that may result from a chlamydia or gonorrhea infection.

STD Testing Is Vital

It’s critical that you undergo STD testing in the first months of your pregnancy. Otherwise, an infection can have serious consequences like ectopic pregnancy, preterm delivery, birth defects, stillbirth and miscarriage. Request STD testing today to ease your mind.

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