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Don’t Let STDs Ruin Your Spring Break

College students nationwide look forward to Spring Break every year. Not only is it a welcomed break from the business of school, it’s usually also a chance for them to physically get away from campus.

For many students, this means traveling to beaches and bars. Drug and alcohol abuse are often integral to the spring break experience, and with them, casual sexual encounters.

As a result, a hangover isn’t the only thing many spring breakers are left with — STDs are a lasting hanger-on after all the partying is done. Satirical news site The Onion says it all: “STD Had Awesome Time On Spring Break.

It is possible to have fun on spring break and still stay healthy. Here are our tips for making sure STDs don’t ruin your spring break.

Protect Your Sexual Health This Spring Break

Pack Your Swimsuit, Sunscreen, & Condoms.Spring Break

You don’t just need clothes, magazines, sunblock, and other leisure items for spring break. Make sure you also pack condoms if you plan on having sex.

Although condoms aren’t 100% effective against all STDs, they are still a good defense when used consistently and correctly. If you want to have any type of sex on spring break — oral, vaginal, or anal — you need to plan ahead and pack protection. Women, keep in mind, even if you are on some form of birth control, this will not protect against STDs.

Just Met? No Sex.

One simple way to keep STDs from wrecking spring break? Don’t have sex with someone you’ve just met.

The best way to keep your sexual health in tact is by limiting sexual contact with people you don’t know and trust. When you have sex with someone who you know is clean (thanks to STD testing!), you prevent yourself from catching STDs.

STD Testing

TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide offer STD testing so that you and your sexual partner(s) can prevent the spread of STDs. We recommend testing before and after spring break, particularly if you are going to engage in risky sexual behaviors.

To learn more about our STD testing services, contact your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS today!


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