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Don’t Go STD Accusing…

Good tip for bloggers and all of us on the social media-sphere this week – don’t go accusing someone of having STDs unless you know for sure they have STDs. A former Bengals Cheerleader took a gossip website to court after she claimed they defamed her and accused her of STDs. It is big deal to go around saying someone has STDs. (read more here.)

Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders

A former cheerleader is standing up to STD accusations

Be Careful About STD Accusations

STDs are quite an interesting topic. While nobody wants to talk about them or take them seriously, most will joke about them and throw around accusations that others have them. Those known for their promiscuity (or being with someone promiscuous) are almost assumed to have them. Many make side comments about them. However when it comes time to own up to having one … or when you’re accused of having one … they’re not so funny anymore.

Why to Be Careful about STD Talk

Sure, it’s sometimes funny to joke about STDs. For one, they fall under the same umbrella as sex jokes so many see them as “fair game.” Most STDs come by way of sexual intercourse, and so for many, that’s funny in some way. Also, several STD slang terms have developed over the years (the clap, crabs) which seem to almost “lighten” up the severity of these diseases. However, it’s important to realize that as funny as it may be to talk about them – there’s really nothing funny about them at all.

Promoting STD Awareness

STDs are a serious issue and a growing problem. The cheerleader stood up to the media when she was accused of having STDs. She’s the only one who needs to know if she has STDs, and it’s none of anyone else’s business. Plus, it’s a serious topic. STDs don’t only bring about uncomfortable symptoms in the present, but they can mean serious health concerns in the future. It’s a subject that needs to stop being joked and speculated about, and one that needs additional education and definitely more testing.

Has someone accused you of having an STD?

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