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College Students: Focus on Your Sexual Health

As the fall semester approaches, buying textbooks, moving into the dorm, and meeting new or reuniting with old friends are probably at the top of most students’ minds.

One topic that more students should be concerned with, though, is their sexual health, particularly when it comes to avoiding the spread of STDs.

During college, students are faced with many important decisions that affect their sexual health. Here are our tips to help you make the most informed decisions.

Sexual Health & College Students

Initiating a Sexual Relationship TEST SMARTLY LABS | College Students: Focus on Your Sexual Health

Before starting a new sexual relationship, it’s important that you talk with your prospective partner and jointly decide that you’re ready to have sex. You need to know more about their sexual history, including their STD record. It’s a good time to ask if they have had STD testing recently and to disclose the results of any tests with each other. Make sure you are also on the same page about whether your relationship will be monogamous, as your STD risk rises if you’re having sex with a partner who is having sex with others.

Get Regular STD Testing

STD testing isn’t just important at the beginning of a sexual relationship. It’s also good to get tested regularly for STDs. That way, you can catch any infections in case a partner strays — or if an outbreak caused by a past sexual relationship reemerges. When both partners commit to regular STD testing, everyone’s sexual health benefits.

Consider Birth Control

If you’re sexually active, one way to protect your sexual health is using birth control. Whether you choose condoms, pills, implants, intrauterine devices, or even hormone injections, birth control can prevent pregnancy, and in the case of condoms and dental dams, help stop the spread of STDs. Discuss birth control options with your partner and your healthcare provider. Most forms of birth control will be covered by your insurance plan.

Use Your Resources

As a college student, you have more freedom than ever — but that doesn’t mean you should make all your choices without consulting an expert. Be sure to use the resources at your disposal, including your student health center. You can discuss birth control options, get sexual health exams, ask any questions you have about sex or your reproductive health.


TEST SMARTLY LABS is happy to help any college student who wants to best manage their sexual health. We provide quick, accurate, and confidential STD testing. Since we don’t require insurance, you can keep the testing off of your medical record. Find your nearest location today to receive STD testing at TEST SMARTLY LABS!

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