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Bullying and STD Prevention

School is not just an important setting for students to learn academically, it is also critical for students to learn about their own health and acquiring the tools they need to care for themselves. As October is National Bullying Prevention Month, we thought it would be a great chance to take the time to look at the serious consequences of STDs and bullying.

STDs Give More than Infection

An STD can have devastating ramifications on a student’s mental, as well as physical, health and may lead to depression. Students with an STD are vulnerable to being bullied at school and online, which may lead to deeper depression and suicide.

Sexual Bullying in College

Just because you are out of high school does not mean you are immune to peer pressure. Students may not realize that, even if the pressure isn’t a physical or verbal assault, it is still bullying if their partner is pressuring them to have unprotected sex.

Anti-LGBT Bullying

LGBT students who are bullied in school have a higher risk of impaired physical and mental health. This includes risk of becoming infected with an STD. A student with low self-esteem due to bullying is more likely to be pressured into unprotected sex than a student who was not victimized.

These issues are completely preventable but without the correct education in school systems STDs and bullying will continue to spread. As well as teaching students how to protect themselves, it is crucial for health classes to include information about the mental and social impact of STDs and bullying. If you believe you may have an STD or are experiencing bullying seek help immediately.

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