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3 Reasons to Get STD Testing Today

Ask any doctor, sexual health expert, or health organization like the CDC, and they’ll tell you the same: regular STD testing is a sensible choice for almost anyone who is sexually active.

Despite this sound advice, though,¬†may be tempting to forego STD testing. You feel healthy, and who has time to go in for all those tests? The reality is that STD testing still makes sense for many. Here’s a look at a few reasons why.

Why Get STD Testing Today?

1. Many STDs Don’t Have Obvious Symptoms

Sexually Transmitted DiseaseBecause some common STDs are asymptomatic, STD testing can reveal truths that wouldn’t otherwise be known. Though it’s the most common treatable STD, chlamydia symptoms don’t appear in 75% of all infected women and 50% of all infected men. Gonorrhea symptoms also don’t appear in 50% of all infected women and 10% of all infected men.

Too often, the symptoms of an STD either are not detected or are mistaken for a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection. This means that you don’t get the treatment you need, which may mean spreading it to other people or having to deal with more serious symptoms. STD testing clears up any ambiguity with the diagnosis.

2. The Sooner You’re Diagnosed, the Sooner You’re Treated

STD testing makes it easier to get a definitive diagnosis. Armed with this information, you’re ready for quick treatment. The results of STD testing suggest what sort of approach the doctor will take. Most often this means antibiotics and perhaps refraining from sexual activity for a time. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or not, great peace of mind can come from STD testing and knowing that you’re getting the medical assistance you need.

3. Sharing Information

Routine STD testing is vital not only for your own information, but also so you can share that information with any sexual partners. The sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner you can urge a romantic partner to also go in for STD testing. This means they get the necessary treatment that will help to keep them healthy and avoid any long term consequences. It also means they’ll stop spreading the infection, helping improve our nation’s overall sexual health.

Accurate, Confidential STD Testing With TEST SMARTLY LABS

Making STD testing a regular part of your calendar makes sense for a number of reasons. It’s an important way that you can protect yourself and your romantic partners from suffering any serious ill effects. Best of all, testing is quick, affordable, convenient, and confidential¬†at your local TEST SMARTLY LABS.

Don’t wait — get STD testing today to start improving your sexual health.

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  1. Comment by std on August 10, 2015 at 11:38 am

    If you’ve STD symptoms, you should get tested today. It could be you may have more than one STD so always go for a panel test.

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