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Newborn Screening for STD’s

Many expectant mothers are not aware of the dangers that an STD can pose to their baby. Occasionally, STDs are transmitted to babies while they are in the womb or at the time of childbirth. A newborn STD test can determine whether or not this has occurred.

Newborn STD Warnings

Women who are pregnant are as susceptible to STDs as those who are not. This means that it’s imperative to practice safe sex and get tested throughout pregnancy to prevent a newborn STD. Expectant mothers who have an STD may experience complications that affect them and their child. A newborn STD test is vital for mothers who know they are infected.

STD Treatment for Pregnant Women

Some STDs can be cured in expectant mothers with antibiotics. These include syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Viral STDs such as HIV, hepatitis B and genital herpes have no known cures. Nonetheless, it may be possible to receive treatment for these conditions or to take steps to limit the risk of exposure to an infant. Mothers who have an STD will want a newborn STD test immediately after birth.

Newborn STD Laboratory Test

Doctors may suggest newborn STD screenings in babies who exhibit symptoms. However, mothers can request a newborn STD test whenever they like if they are concerned. A newborn STD laboratory test typically only requires a few drops of blood.

Newborn STD Test Results

The results of the newborn STD test are kept strictly confidential and delivered only to the baby’s parents. Having the newborn STD screening performed quickly after birth may make it easier to treat any conditions and prevent further complications.

Some states now require a newborn STD test for HIV. However, it is possible to screen for other STDs in babies. Contact a reliable laboratory about having a newborn STD screening.

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