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Researchers Working on Smart Phone STD Testing Technology

Some scientists are hoping that soon, smart phones won’t just be used for texting, checking email, games, or getting directions. What’s the new use they have in mind? STD testing.

While some smart phone apps have been linked to an increase in certain STDs and others are used to share STD testing results, the new smart phone technology in development would actually conduct the STD testing.

Here’s what you should know about this new device!

Smart Phones Equipped for STD Testing?

Biomedical engineering experts at Columbia University are currently working on developing smart phone technology that can conduct simple blood testing for diseases, including STD testing.

Sam Sia is leading the project which would allow for more portable, mobile hardware for STD testing. The hardware is all contained on a universal dongle that can plug right into a typical smart phone’s audio jack. One prick of blood from your finger would enable the device to conduct STD testing, with results coming back in 15 minutes.

Questions About the TechnologyUsing Phone

Though this device does sound promising, there are still some major questions.

First, the cost of this device would likely be too high to really enable the most at-risk populations from using it regularly. It’s important that STD testing is affordable so that people don’t avoid getting screened regularly.

Second, there is some room for user error with this technology. If the device gets broken, the hardware has issues, or the collections process isn’t done right, the STD testing could be inaccurate, which has very dangerous consequences.

Third, the smart phone-based device could have some privacy

Lab-Based STD Testing: Accurate, Reliable, Confidential

It remains to be seen whether this smart phone technology will really prove effective for STD testing.

For now, TEST SMARTLY LABS is sticking to the accurate, reliable, confidential lab-based STD testing that has served thousands of clients nationwide. When you need lab-based STD testing that you can trust, visit your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS.



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