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Ways to Celebrate World AIDS Day

December 1 marks an important moment in the fight against HIV/AIDS: it’s World AIDS Day, a time for remembrance and education.

We’re sharing 4 ways you can celebrate World AIDS Day this year.

Celebrating World AIDS Day

1. Educate Yourself or Others on AIDS

World AIDS Day is the perfect time to learn more about HIV and AIDS or educate your sexual partner on these topics. If you’re looking for resources, pull up a chair and check out our past posts:

2. Donate to AIDS ResearchTEST SMARTLY LABS | Ways to Celebrate World AIDS Day

Want to make a real difference in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS? Consider making a monetary donation to an AIDS research foundation, such as the AIDS Research Alliance, RED, or the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). Every little bit helps as scientists work to learn more about the disease and progress toward a cure.

3. Find a World AIDS Day Event

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a nearby event held in honor of World AIDS Day! From marathons to educational events to health fairs, there could be a local way for you to learn more about AIDS or spread awareness. Check with your local health department or pay attention to regional news outlets who may be covering World AIDS Day events near you.

4. Get HIV Testing

It’s vital that you get HIV testing if you’re sexually active. Don’t be┬ádiscouraged from testing due to the stigma attached to HIV — your health is too important. With HIV testing at TEST SMARTLY LABS, you can pursue HIV testing discreetly and receive confidential results. Simply walk-in to one of our nationwide labs for same-day service!

To get started with HIV testing, find your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS today.

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