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The Relationship Between STDs and HIV

Because STDs are common, and because many of them can be cured, many people don’t consider them to be particularly serious. However, that is only because they don’t recognize the STDs HIV connection. The reality is that STD and HIV susceptibility go hand-in-hand. Read on to learn more about the STDs HIV connection and how to protect yourself.

The STDs HIV Connection

The biggest STDs HIV link is that they are spread in the same ways. STD and HIV susceptibility go together because both can be spread through having unsafe sex with an infected person. A mother may pass STD and HIV susceptibility to an unborn baby or through breast milk. Both STDs and HIV can be spread through needle sharing and other drug use practices.

STD and HIV Susceptibility

The cells in the genital area and mouth alter when an STD is present. These changes make it easier for HIV to enter the person’s system. This STD and HIV susceptibility is not widely recognized by the population. Accordingly, this STDs HIV connection is ignored, leading people who have STDs to not adequately protect themselves.

The STDs HIV Link Goes Deeper

STD and HIV susceptibility is a two-way street. People who have an STD are more likely to acquire HIV. At the same time, people who have both an STD and HIV are better able to transmit HIV to their sexual partners because of the genital secretions that are common to many STDs. Studies reported by the CDC demonstrate that people who are infected with both HIV and an STD are more likely to infect others.

The link between HIV and STDs cannot be overstated. It is essential for those with HIV to seek treatment for STDs they acquire and for those with STDs to protect themselves from acquiring HIV.

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