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Need to Prove You Disclosed Your HIV Status? One App Can Do Just That

HIV Status

We’ve talked about how apps can both contribute to the spread of STDs and also help prevent them.

Now, a new smartphone app may help HIV positive people disclose their status to sexual partners and avoid criminal cases.

Here are the details on the program and why it could prove useful!

App Can Protect HIV-Positive People from Criminal Cases

Currently, 32 states have laws in place that criminalize HIV-positive individuals for exposing another person to the virus. In some cases, this is even if condoms are used.

This means that HIV-positive people are sometimes required to prove in court that they disclosed their positive status to their sexual partner(s), which can be very difficult.

How the App Works

That’s why Aaron Laxton, a Missouri-based HIV advocate, partnered with Guanyu Tian, assistant professor of computer science at Fontbonne University, to develop IDisclose.

The process is rather simple: the HIV-positive individual discloses their status to their sexual partner, then asks them to acknowledge the disclosure by reading and signing a document that’s on the HIV-positive individual’s device. The app will take a picture of the HIV-negative partner and email all documentation to the HIV-positive person.

Be Smart About Your Sexual Health

This app could help HIV-positive individuals maintain consensual, healthy sexual relationships with partners that are fully aware of their status. Watch for its release on Android soon.

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