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Can I Have Genital Herpes Without Knowing It?

Is it really possible to have an STD like genital herpes and not know it? After all, doesn’t the disease involve painful, obvious outbreaks?

Although many people think that it sounds unlikely, it actually is possible to have genital herpes and not be aware of it. That’s one of the reasons why it’s such a good idea to have regular STD screenings. Doing so is an excellent way for people to protect themselves and their sexual partners.

Here’s what you should know about genital herpes and how it could be affecting you.

How You Could Have Genital Herpes & Not Even Know It

Asymptomatic Genital HerpesGenital Herpes

When any condition is “asymptomatic” it means that there are no symptoms associated with the disease. Typically, a genital herpes infection is marked by pain, itching, red bumps, white blisters and ulcers. People who have been diagnosed with genital herpes in the past may be surprised that an asymptomatic form of the condition exists. Those who are asymptomatic often don’t know about it until they pass it on to a sexual partner who does develop symptoms.

Mistaken Diagnosis

Other people who are not aware of having genital herpes simply think that they are suffering from a different condition. People who actually have genital herpes may initially be diagnosed with contact dermatitis, scabies or a yeast infection. Treatment for these other conditions may appear to be effective on the symptoms.

In reality, many genital herpes outbreaks clear up on their own. Nonetheless, the infection is still in the body and can recur at any time. It’s also possible for the carrier to pass genital herpes on to someone else even when they aren’t experiencing an outbreak.

Getting Tested

TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide perform a specific blood test to verify the presence of genital herpes. Without this blood test it is nearly impossible to reach a definitive diagnosis. Neglecting to have such testing performed means risking exposure to others and risking another outbreak. Testing is quick and affordable. People who are sexually active, particularly if they have several sexual partners, should set up routine testing for genital herpes.

To get started, find your nearest TEST SMARTLY LABS location today!

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