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Do You Know how Hepatitis is Transmitted?


World Hepatitis Day is coming up on July 28th! Hepatitis is among the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases, but do you know how people actually get it?

If you need to brush up on sexual education class from high school, know that you’re not alone. A lot of people are unaware of how hepatitis is transmitted.

Since knowledge of transmission is often the first step to prevention, we’re sharing how hepatitis is spread.

The Basics on Hepatitis Transmission

How Hepatitis B is Passed from One Person to Another

There are a number of different types of hepatitis viruses. The one that is acquired through sexual contact is hepatitis B. It is also passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

Contact with infected blood can cause a person to get the disease as well. That’s why first responders and other medical personnel are required to wear gloves when dealing with accidents and injuries. They limit their exposure to hepatitis that way.

Drug users who share needles also have a higher risk of getting the disease. If they were to use a dirty needle infected with hepatitis, they, too, would get it. Individuals who tested positive for the STD and have drug abuse issues are at higher risk for transmitting the disease to others.

Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Hepatitis Transmission

Now that you know how hepatitis is transmitted, you can protect yourself from the STD. Many people are under the assumption that just because their sexual partner claims to be free of sexually transmitted diseases that they don’t need to be tested. That isn’t the case at all because everyone should be tested for hepatitis as long as they’re engaging in risky behavior like having unprotected sex.

You should always be tested for STDs as long as you are sexually active. This protects you and your partner or future partners from the virus and other diseases. Practicing safe sex is the surest bet you have against STD transmission.

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