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The Link Between Gonorrhea & Prostate Cancer

Gonorrhea & Prostate Cancer

Gonorrhea & Prostate Cancer

Most people know that HPV, or human papillomavirus, is linked to higher risk of cervical, penile, and anal cancer, among others.

But are you aware that this isn’t the only sexually transmitted disease that increases risk of cancer?

Scientists are theorizing that there’s a link between gonorrhea and prostate cancer, particularly among African American men. Learn what you need to know about this connection — and its implications for men.

Gonorrhea & Prostate Cancer Risk

Unlike HPV, which has been shown to be a cause of cancer, with gonorrhea, there is only an increased likelihood of developing cancer later. This means that not all men with gonorrhea will necessarily get prostate cancer, and if they do, it is not because of gonorrhea.

Scientists think that gonorrhea may be a marker of some other risk factor for prostate cancer, like sexual activity. Some also theorize that inflammation caused by gonorrhea might do damage to prostate cells. More research must be conducted before real conclusions can be drawn, however.

Research has shown that gonorrhea and another common STD, chlamydia, can impact prostate health.

Regardless of whether or not scientists clarify the links between prostate cancer and gonorrhea, it’s important to get regular STD testing in order to monitor your sexual health. TEST SMARTLY LABS nationwide provide testing for a number of STDs, including gonorrhea.

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